Warehousing – Pick And Pack

We offer flexible solutions giving you room for growth, as well as accommodating the seasonal fluctuations of your business.


Flexible Cost-effective Storage Solutions for Business


  • Pallet, crate, box and loose bulk storage
  • Ugly freight and pallets
  • No minimum quantities
  • No minimum time period for storage of goods
  • Fully insured
  • Stock management systems


  • Bespoke service package
  • Experienced and efficient staff
  • Barcode scanning technology
  • Recording of all ins and outs
  • Experience working with fragile and high value items

Pick and Pack

Accurately handpicked, and packed goods then distributed in one efficient process.


  • Flexible and cost-effective
  • Lower turn-around time
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and accuracy
  • Experienced staffing


Our bespoke Kitting service allows the creation and distribution of tailored packs from a variety of stocked goods. Kitting orders can be set up prior to customer ordering for a quick, ready to ship process.


    • Packed and distributed as required
    • Responsiveness to demand
    • Tailored membership packs
    • Bespoke to your requirements
    • Pre-packing available

Promotional fulfilment

You maintain total control throughout the supply chain by defining which products can be ordered by each individual, as well as setting limits on budget, frequency and quantity of orders.


  • Allows total control
  • Budget limits
  • Frequency and quantity of order limits
  • Equip sales team with marketing collateral
  • Equip retailers with POS materials
  • Lowered costs through better control of assets